The Writing Center offers special programming for classes and campus groups.

Events and workshops are currently all online. 

To request an event, please fill out the UA Writing Center Event Request Form.

Our programs include:

Promotional Visits.  10-15 minutes.  We will visit your classroom or campus group, give an overview of what to expect when visiting the Center, and explain how to use the service.

Workshops.  30-50 minutes.    Possible topics include:

  • Technical Writing
  • Science Writing
  • Writing in APA Style
  • Writing in MLA Style
  • Writing in AMA Style
  • Transitioning from High School to College Writing
  • Improving Your Writing Process
  • Writing Personal Statements
  • Writing Abstracts and Literature Reviews
  • Improving your Writing Style
  • Working with and Citing Sources
  • Assignment-Specific Workshops (i.e:  “Writing the Informative Synthesis Paper,” or “Writing the Psychology Research Paper.”  These workshops are tailored to specific courses and writing prompts).