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Workshop Materials


Welcome to the UA Writing Center’s workshop on CV writing!  Below are some of the resources that may be helpful as you prepare your CV. 

Today’s PowerPoint

Resume Resources from UA Career Center ​​

Resumes and CVs (from UC Davis)

Brainstorming worksheet

  • this document is view-only; to make it clickable, you can cut and paste the text into a new document of your own.
  • this is a brainstorming tool; it will include details and information that won’t necessarily appear on your CV or that will appear in a different order. 

UA Career Center’s Action Verbs for CVs and Resumes

VMock (from UA Career Center– Registration Required)

Resumes and CVs (from Cornell University)

Curriculum Vitae Tips and Samples
Template for Undergraduate CV (Courtesy of UA Writing Center)

Sample CV for STEM Students (from the University of California-Santa Barbara)

Creating an Undergraduate CV (from Columbia University’s Career Center)

Sample Undergraduate Science CV (from Columbia University’s Career Center)