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The UA Writing Center is now offering online support for all students. See our Q&A, below, for details.  

How do I sign up for an e-tutoring session? 

From our homepage, new or returning clients can click on “Make an Appointment” to access our line registration and appointment system.  Once you are in the appointment system, you can choose either schedule (since all appointments will be done online).  When you fill out your appointment form, the the system will prompt you to upload your draft. 

Do I need to be online during my session?  How does online tutoring work? 

E-tutoring is asynchronous, so you do not need to be online during your appointment.  Your tutor will review your draft, insert comments, and send feedback by the end of the day. 

How will I receive my feedback?

You will receive two e-mails– one with the summary of tutor comments, and another containing your draft in attachment form. Tutors use the “comments” function in Word to give specific suggestions. In order to view the comments, you may need to download the file and change your settings (Under “Review”) to “View All Markup.”

Your feedback is stored in our appointment system, so even if you delete or overlook our e-mail, you can always log in to our system, navigate to your recent appointment, and click on it to review the feedback and download your paper with tutor comments.

What if I don’t have a draft yet, and need help with brainstorming, research, citations, or understanding my assignment?

You can still make an appointment for an asynchronous “getting started” or research consultation. Upload your assignment sheet, and then send us your questions, either in the appointment form or in an attached document. Your tutor can offer suggestions for getting started, provide comments on an outline or potential thesis statement, or help you come up with a research strategy. They will answer your questions, point you toward the right resources, suggest possible “next steps,” and encourage you to make a follow-up appointment when your draft is ready.

What if I still have questions?

E-mail us at We will respond promptly!