We offer the following resources to our graduate clients:

  • Writing consultations, either asynchronous or via Zoom. We can assist with many graduate writing projects, including seminar papers, conference abstracts, proposals, talks, cover letters and CVs, literature reviews, and personal statements.
  • Writing support at the UAWC Resources page.
  • Writing workshops, at the request of student groups or graduate faculty members.  Sample topics include abstracts, literature reviews, and personal statements.
  • Dissertation Writers Retreat.  Held in the summer, this three-week  event provides thesis and dissertation writers with the opportunity to make substantial progress on their projects, reflect on and improve their writing habits, and develop a supportive community of fellow writers.  Prospective participants must complete an application in the spring semester.  Details are made available via this website, Facebook, Twitter, and campus e-mails.

Comments from our recent Dissertation Writers Retreat participants

  • “This was one of the most valuable experiences that I will take away from my long tenure at UA. I wish EVERY graduate student could have this experience! Workshop leaders were so helpful, compassionate, and inspiring.”
  • “I had such a wonderful experience ‘knocking the rust off’ of my writing skills: which v. that, overuse of prepositions, changing my sentence structure to make it reader-friendly.”
  • “I learned that if I am committed to writing a little bit on most days, I will make significant progress. I am more capable of this than I had realized.”
  • “I need community. I need to talk through my ideas. That’s part of my process, and this retreat allowed me to work through my toughest chapter because I could talk it out.”
  • “I learned how to set a writing goal, and I realized the benefits of a writing group.”
  • “PhD students should be encouraged to participate in workshops like this at least two years prior to their defense.”
  • “This experience was transformative for me as writer. I am so thankful to all who helped plan, fund, and lead this retreat.
  • I made such wonderful headway on my project and met most of the goals I set. I loved that we were in a safe community space to readjust our goals when needed and get support to finish them.”
  • “I accomplished all of my goals, and gained a new sense of confidence in my writing. I made tremendous progress on my project.”