Where is the Writing Center located? When is it open?

The Writing Center offers in-person help in our Lloyd Hall location (room 322), and online assistance via asynchronous and Zoom sessions.  The Center is normally open on days when university classes are in session and closed on days when classes are not in session (i.e., holidays and final exam weeks).

What type of help can my students expect to receive from the Writing Center?

We offer one-on-one consultations for students in all academic disciplines. We help students build confidence as writers, improve their drafts, and develop the skills necessary for long-term improvement.  During their consultation, students can expect to collaborate with their tutor to review the assignment guidelines and come up with strategies for improving the draft.  We try to allow time in each session for students to complete a hands-on activity, such as creating an outline, revising a paragraph, or finding a new source.  

Students can bring work at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting or revising for content or style. 

Who works in the Writing Center? 

The Writing Center is staffed by both graduate and undergraduate students who are trained to work with writers from all academic disciplines.  Staff members receive ongoing and extensive training throughout the academic year.

Can I refer students to the Writing Center?

Sure!  We encourage faculty to include information about us in your syllabus and Blackboard page.  You can also schedule a promotional visit from one of our staff members by going to our Events page.

If you refer individual students to us, we recommend giving the student some advice about what to work on.  You can ask them to bring us their draft with your comments on it.  Our staff will work with the student to make a revision plan based on your feedback.

I offer my students extra credit for visiting the Writing Center.  Can I receive documentation of their visit? 

After each consultation, students receive a report that summarizes their session.  You can ask students to submit their client report form as proof of their visit.

What services does the Writing Center offer for faculty?

All members of the UA community–including faculty and staff–  can schedule a writing center tutorial and get feedback on work in progress.  Faculty members can also get individualized help in designing writing assignments and incorporating writing instruction into classes.  For more information, e-mail us at writingcenter@ua.edu.

What kind of workshops does the Writing Center provide?

The Writing Center provides workshops on topics such as: avoiding plagiarism; business writing (memos, letters, e-mails); transitioning from high school to college writing; technical writing; research and using sources; the writing process; personal statements; APA and MLA formatting; and more.  To request a workshop, go to our Events page.

I sent my student to the Writing Center, but the paper still contained some grammatical errors.  Why is this? 

The Writing Center is a tutoring service rather than a copy-editing service. We prioritize higher-order writing issues (content, organization, thesis, etc.) over lower-order issues.  When dealing with sentence-level problems, tutors are trained to look for patterns of error rather than trying to correct each one.  For instance, tutors might point out a recurring problem, show clients how to correct it, and have them try fixing the next sentence on their own. This means that we cannot normally address all mechanical issues in one session. If students visit us regularly, however, these skills can and do improve.