The University Writing Center is open to all members of the UA community. We can help you build confidence, revise your work, and develop the skills necessary for long-term improvement. We offer feedback on any kind of writing, whether it is personal, professional, or academic. You can bring your draft at any stage in the process and get help with brainstorming, understanding the assignment, researching a topic, drafting, revising, working with sources, or improving your grammar & style.

Registering and Making Appointments

From our homepage, new or returning clients should click on “Make an Appointment” to access our appointment system.  You can choose between an asynchronous or video consultation (via Zoom).

Asynchronous (E-tutoring) Consultations You don’t need to be online for an asynchronous session.  You will upload your draft when making your appointment, and your tutor will review the work and send comments via e-mail at the end of the hour.  Your feedback will also be stored in our system if you want to log in and review it later.

Zoom Consultations  This option allows you to chat with a tutor in real-time.  When you book with us, you will receive an e-mail with your tutor’s Zoom link.  You can click on that link at the start of the appointment time to meet up with your tutor.

Choosing Asynchronous vs. Zoom

Asynchronous sessions are a great option if you already have a good understanding of your assignment and a draft of the paper.  After the tutor sends feedback, you can review it and make revisions at your convenience. In the asynchronous format, the tutor will respond to your ideas, point out places where you can expand or improve, and give suggestions to improve your grammar and style.

Zoom sessions allow for more conversation and an opportunity to ask questions. If you need help with brainstorming, understanding your assignment, deciding on a research strategy, improving your writing process, or learning a new citation style, you might prefer a real-time session. In a Zoom session, the tutor will ask a lot of questions, help you clarify your goals, and give you specific tasks to help you get started or make progress on a draft.