The Writing Center offers distance learning support for students enrolled in online courses.  

Our distance learning, or E-tutoring service, is asynchronous; it can be done at your convenience by uploading your draft so that a consultant can read it, insert comments, and send feedback to you. Distance learning appointments must be made at least one day in advance.  Consultants can normally look at up to 10 pages per session.

To use eTutoring:

  • Please wait until your draft is ready for review before making an appointment (you can attach a new draft later if you revise your work before your appointment time).
  • From the UA Writing Center page, click on the “make an appointment” link.
  • Use the drop-down arrow to choose the distance learning schedule and log in with your Crimson ID and password.
  • Click on an available appointment (a white square) to select.
  • On the appointment form, explain what you want your tutor to look for. (Example: “I want feedback on my thesis statement and organization.”)
  • Attach your assignment sheet as well as any rubrics or instructions from your professor.  You are welcome to insert questions into the draft (using the “comments” function) to ask questions about specific parts of your paper.
  • On the appointment form, you will see the option to upload your paper.
  • After you’ve made the appointment, you can edit it or attach an updated paper by logging in to our system and clicking on your appointment.
  • Your tutor will comment on your draft and upload it to the appointment form by the end of the session. [Tutors do not make changes to the text itself.]. The tutor will also fill out a client report form summarizing their advice.
  • Note: you do not need to be present during the session, and you may access the feedback at your convenience.
  • You can access your feedback in two ways: it will be e-mailed to you at the end of your appointment hour, and you can also log in to our system to retrieve it.
  • To access your feedback and client report form via the online system, log in to UA MYWC ONLINE and click on your original appointment.  (Arrow through the schedule to return to appointments from prior weeks).
  • If you cannot see the comments, try downloading the document before viewing.


Still have questions?  E-mail us at


Please note that the Writing Center uses papers submitted online for teaching and training.  If we use your work for tutor training, all personal information will be removed, including your name.  If you don’t want your work to be used for staff training, you can let us know by e-mailing  Your request will be honored.